Moveable Feast: Yucatàn – Recap Numero Uno

You know those dinners that end so slowly you can barely tell the difference between mealtime and the relaxed hangouts that happen for the rest of the night? The stretching on and on of conversations both serious and trivial, the quiet warmth of being safe amongst people who left their phones somewhere in another faraway room, who have nothing more important to do than share in the life that’s happening right this moment? That feeling? That’s sobremesa, and it was central to Moveable Feast Yucatán.

Dining under the stars, enjoying every bite in an unrushed savor, meeting your tablemates in a way that goes far beyond the three questions you can get through at an average cocktail party. The art of the sobremesa is a way of life, and the Yucatecans do it right.

Over the next few weeks as we’re gearing up to announce Moveable Feast 2018 (!!!), we want to share some of what made MF: Yucatàn such a soulful experience. So let’s start around the table. Every meal at the hacienda was somewhere different — breakfast in the bamboo jungle, lunch on the main lawn, dinner under the portico– you never knew where you’d find the next feast, but you knew it’d be worth it when you did. Strolling the property, each hidden corner of the hacienda had a story to tell and we didn’t want our guests to miss any of them. The tables were set, the pork slow-roasted, the avocados mashed, the freshly caught fish straight off the grill, and all that was left was to watch the fireflies across the great lawn as dusk arrived and the candles burnt down low. In that setting, you can’t help but lean back in your chair and fall into the type of soulful conversation where you find yourself sharing wisdom you didn’t even know you knew.

We’re about to start pre-sale for our 2018 retreat (one more !!!). If you want to know where we’re going next before the rest of the world AND get a pretty nifty discount off the trip, stick your email address below!


Chef Johnny and Chef Greg, collecting massive amounts of citrus. Yucatecan citrus is unlike anything you’ve had Stateside. Margaritas will never be the same…


Chef Johnny. Belly full. Happy boy.