Averna: Sicilia’s answer to the summer heat

The current heatwave in Japan has officially been declared a natural disaster. UK citizens have been issued warnings encouraging them to stay in their homes and out of the heat. Germany has a shortage on beer bottles as the summer blaze this year has dramatically increased demand. Here in Seattle, our pets are splayed frog legged on the floor trying to cool off their hindquarters through their fur coats. It’s a hot potato out there, folks, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t provide a cure from our amicis over in Sicilia.

We’ve been frequenting the shady spot in our backyard accompanied by glasses of Averna with fresh mint and grapefruit as temperatures have climbed. Averna is still made from the same recipe dating back to the 1700s. The super secret collection of herbs, roots, and spices was used as a therapeutic tonic by Sicilian monks who bestowed the recipe to Salvatore Averna for his incredible efforts as the local Justice of the Peace. He began bottling it in 1868 and the family has kept it going since.

I’ve said it before, but after you switch from after-work cocktails to aperitifs, you’ll never look back. The aperitif wine is the perfect way to erase the troubles of the day without erasing your brain as cocktails too often do. They’re the perfect amuse-bouche before dinner and will fend off your desire to impulse purchase an ugly AC window unit off Amazon.

So without further ado, here’s a little instructional video on how to get ‘er done right.

Oh and of course, Averna was our intro to our popup dinner in honor of Anthony Bourdain to benefit Nami, a mental health organization here in Seattle. It was an evening of 20 new friends around the table in our backyard secret garden, 5 courses prepared by chef Johnny Fellin, pairings, and tall tales of travel from every corner of the planet.

Care to peep the menu? Got you, boo.

Thank you to everyone who came out for the cause and here’s a raised glass of Averna to you.

Backyard Averna

Place two ice cubes in a glass
2 oz Averna
Handful of fresh mint
Grapefruit twist
splash of soda water

Swirl, sip, and enjoy.