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Hi! Can we do a little time traveling to 2009 real quick?

This morning I was reminiscing about my life a decade ago (is that the right word when you’re laughing to yourself about a Hot Mess Era™?). I’d just gotten back from backpacking South America, was about to travel to Asia for the first time, and was religiously reading this little French fashion blog called Garance Doré. Was my career shaping up? SURE WASN’T! Hard to get a foothold when you keep quitting jobs to buy plane tickets! Was my love life stellar at least? AGAIN NO! But I had a string of cute boyfriends in every South American country we’d visited so that’s something to… not hang your oversized blogger hat on.

I wasn’t really sure what all this would add up to, but ten years later…

that overeagerness to leap onto airplanes has become the basis of my career– I just had to leave my old ideas behind. It was (one of) my many weaknesses that I finally stopped fighting and turned into a strength (hello, Moveable Feast. Love you boo). I’m heading back to Asia exactly ten years later, but this time for my job! Say what? A lot can happen in a decade, is my point. You just never know.

Oh, and that French fashion blog? I married the translator! It’s worked out real well for me.

IMG_4782_seattle wedding.jpg

Our work life can be a long and bumpy road, which is why I am so pumped to share with you an article I wrote on transitioning careers intelligently for that very blog (!) FULL CIRCLE. My dream is for everyone to be able to step fully into what they’re good at and spin it into gold, so if you’re in the midst of trying to figure it all out, I FEEL YOU.

The article is right here, and if you aren’t into that, maybe you just want to nab one of the last few spots in Thailand. This trip has been a long time in the making and it’s gonna be a blowout.

To the next decade of our lives being even better than the last,

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