going to a dry wedding alone is a special circle in hell.



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The other day I was telling you about my 2009 self and I had another flashback from that year. Walk with me.

First of all, dry weddings. Who invented them, why, when, and how can we revoke their world citizenship? I digress. In 2009, dry weddings weren’t my main problem, but having to show up ALONE to one hundred of them (ok, not all dry, but still) per summer definitely was. Not that I had to drink to have fun, but the mood is different, you know?

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Being single can be palpably tough at times. Showing up places by myself used to give me the uncomfy sweats (side note, does anyone else have one armpit that smells worse than the other? My left one is pure as a crystal spring, my right one is garbage). I got invited to roughly three trillion weddings between 2008-2011, was single for nearly all of them, and even worse, heartbroken after breakups for at least half.

I remember lying in bed the morning of one wedding in particular, willing my body to magically pry itself off the mattress and get some Forever 21 minidress out of the closet and get my ass to the wedding because these things are important, even if I’d rather die than show up alone. Again.

moveable-feast-sicily (188 of 221)_seattle wedding.jpgThis icky feeling of showing up to something by yourself seems like it should be no biggy. But it IS a biggy, no matter how confident you are. Which is why when we dreamed up Moveable Feast Retreats, it was a top priority for us that showing up alone was just as fun as bringing anyone with you. That you could count on a group of reliably badass, like-minded travelers, all ages and walks of life, to meet you there.

moveable-feast-sicily (210 of 221)_seattle wedding.jpg(Like Rachel here, who landed by herself in Sicily last October: “I actually wasn’t worried at all until I landed in Palermo. I immediately got nervous waiting for my bags, thinking “what have I done?” Then everyone cheered for me.” Hell yes Feasters, you’re our kind of people.)

Meeting strangers abroad might sound crazy, but Feasters aren’t just any strangers. They’re your kindred spirits from around the world, just waiting to meet you. And we’d love to have you in Thailand with us this year.

Oh, and we didn’t forget the local booze. Because honestly, dry weddings are still a nightmare.

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