It’s Sunday morning at your local coffee shop. You forgot to plug your phone last night and left it at home to charge, grabbed a book and walked over. You sit nestled into the window seat, finish a few pages of your book, and suddenly remember that shirt you saw the ad for the other […]

Listen, we’re assuming that none of us are Kardashians (unless you are– hi Khloe!) and that traveling with a private chef is something you don’t normally do. Perhaps you heard the story of how we met our MFR chef, Johnny, in the jungles of Thailand (if not, it’s right here and honestly one of my […]

Hi! The other day I was telling you about my 2009 self and I had another flashback from that year. Walk with me. First of all, dry weddings. Who invented them, why, when, and how can we revoke their world citizenship? I digress. In 2009, dry weddings weren’t my main problem, but having to show […]

Hi! Can we do a little time traveling to 2009 real quick? This morning I was reminiscing about my life a decade ago (is that the right word when you’re laughing to yourself about a Hot Mess Era™?). I’d just gotten back from backpacking South America, was about to travel to Asia for the first […]

The first year my parents sent me off to summer camp, I remember sitting in my bed just before it was time to leave, clutching my favorite teddy bear and staring at the wall. I didn’t want to leave my mom. I didn’t want to leave my bed. I didn’t want to leave my best […]

When Tim and I first met, we had a long conversation about one of our biggest goals for a future relationship: to make it a commonplace thing that we set a long table and force strangers to become best friends. Enter MFR popup dinnersssss! Our international retreats are big and extravagant and soulful, but the […]

When I first heard Tim & Laura’s idea for Moveable Feast Retreats, I wanted to go. So I booked the ticket, along with my mom and cousin, and set off on MFR’s maiden Provence voyage.  Every element of the experience was carefully planned out. The setting was perfect and Johnny’s food was exactly what you […]

Before our first trip to Chiang Mai years ago, I watched this video so many times I practically had it memorized. Now that the city feels like a 2nd home to us, I see how much this short from Monocle Magazine gets right. There’s an energy to Chiang Mai that’s as infectious as it is […]

Laura recently posted some of the origin story of Moveable Feast, how deeply connected to Thailand the brand has always been, and well, I caught that nostalgia bug real bad. I had images of our trip replaying in my head like a high school mix tape. I think I must’ve plugged in at least 10 […]

Planning trips abroad… like the really good kind, the kind that change you on a fundamental level, the kind you return to a decade later in daydreams with a buoyant smile— that shit’s hard. And you know what the WORST thing is? You can spend so much time and energy (and $$$) only to come […]

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