Every year, we greet our Moveable Feast guests with custom welcome gifts, and every year they ask us when they can order more… and who are we to say no? We are so thrilled to finally offer our most popular items, lovingly made by hand in our studio, without the international flight to pick them up (even when we really wish we could take that flight). 

When we order from big-box stores, the wrapping isn’t quite right, we have to send a separate card, or re-wrap everything and send it ourselves-- and quite honestly it drives us nuts. So we fixed it. Lightning fast shipping, luxe packaging, and a personalized card from you to your lucky recipient-- just add your note on the shipping page for a typewritten message (from the same typewriter Hemingway used!). Covering three tasks in one click-- we got you.

These boxes are a limited first run and only available until they’re gone (there’s some mathematical concept in there somewhere we think), so order while they’re still here!

Nuite Blanche: a thoughtfully curated gift for travelers and homebodies alike.

Travel allows our brains to relish new stimulus, new inspiration, and new ways of being. We gaze open-mouthed at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. We watch the holy men on the banks of the Ganges, bathing in early morning light. Our book falls to our lap as lavender air breezes in from a Provencal dusk. We've relied on these small moments of peace to remind us that this fleeting life is ours to delight in. Travel pushes us to grasp the unfamiliar, deepening our commitment to living well and beautifully. This year, we've all become far better acquainted with the walls of our own homes than we could have ever imagined, and our senses are malnourished because of it.

Although we can't take you for a walk through rosemary and lavender fields near a French castle or usher you into a snowy Japanese hot spring shrouded in hinoki trees, we can enliven your senses and give you a small voyage without leaving your front door. 

Enter Nuit Blanche-- the White Night. 

The White Night was born in Paris, when the city stays up until the wee hours of the morning to immerse itself in art and creativity. The City of Lights comes alive with music, food, wine, fashion and theater. And since we're not taking a swig directly out of a wine bottle on a Parisian street together this year, we're here instead to help you embrace a quiet night under a bright moon. The best travel is the kind you carry in your heart, and we made this for you to slip into a bath and let your soul wander to far off places. Our most inspired thoughts don't arrive on command -- they tend to slip in when we're not quite looking. Let's make space. 

This box was born from travels in France, Japan, and Italy. The herb garden of the Moveable Feast chateau held rosemary, lavender, and red thyme. Each evening, we’d collect armfuls of herbs, dry them by the fire, and then toss them into a hot bath as the cold air whistled outside the ancient windows. In Japan, we’d sit in the onsen and watch the snow gently fall on the cedar and pine trees sloping down the mountain. In Italy, on the bustling streets of Turin, we’d let a single piece of chocolate with a 150 years of wisdom behind it melt on our tongues. Join us--pour yourself a glass of wine, turn the lights down low, put your phone away, light a candle, and let your soul wander home as you sink into the balm of a hot bath. This gift box is a compilation of the most popular items from our annual international retreats: lovingly assembled at our studio, beautifully packaged, and the perfect gift for the cold nights ahead.





Our hand-poured holiday candles feature the finest our Pacific Northwest forests have to offer -- essential oils of fraser fir, blue spruce, bayberry, and the scent of burnt wood. Paired with a warm blanket, it's the missing ingredient to all your holiday coziness needs. All natural soy and coconut wax keeps air quality healthy for the whole family and our crackling wood burning wick brings the fireplace to your bedside table. So get comfy... These nights aren't going to get any shorter for a while. 

Mae West once said, "When in doubt, take a bath," which is why we should all pursue pruny hands these days. This sea soak features a blend of epsom salts, French sel gris, dead sea salts, and Himalayan pink salt to detoxify the body, purify the skin, and heal whatever ails you. Combined with essential oils of cedarwood, sweet orange, lavender, lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus, red thyme and rosemary, it's an escape in a bottle, one that every time brings us back to the herb garden at our castle in France. 

After a bath, our skin wants deep TLC, especially in the drying and chilled winter months. A blend of soothing sweet almond, camellia seed, and rosehip oils replenish skin when it needs it the most.

Apply directly after a bath and absorb the calm of a winter walk through French medieval towns as you prepare yourself for deep sleep.

Venchi chocolate has been making the finest melt-in-your-mouth delectables for the kings, popes, and dignitaries of Italy since 1878. Their best selling dark chocolate Cremino Fondente uses the original recipe from the 1800s and features creamy layers of hazelnut and almond gianduja. 

A treat that your great grandparents might have enjoyed, if they were lucky enough to travel to  Italy, now on your doorstep.

what's inside? 


SOOTHE YOUR ACHES and pains with cedarwood, sweet orange, lavender, and rosemary

hydrate body and soul with a nutrient dense blend of sweet almond, camellia seed, and rosehip oils

amuse your bouche with dark chocolate, hazelnut, and almond

These boxes are crafted entirely by hand in our home studio. Customize your gift with a hint of vintage soul by sending it with a note, straight from our typewriter (the same one that Hemingway used).

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