One half of SULLIVAN & SULLIVAN Studios. Emotional sifter through old family photos. Lover of wine that tastes like a farm. Compulsive cuddler of stray animals. Stays awake at night getting excited about good design and timeless ideas. Believes everyone should have the skills and confidence to document their own life beautifully.



The mountain-man half of SULLIVAN & SULLIVAN Studios. Tea drinking photo taker who likes a good hamstring stretch. A decade of yoga teaching experience under his yoga strap. Closet philosopher with a penchant for tall tales told in many voices. Beard oil connoisseur who once had an idea that tequila should be the international currency. 



Pairs a Beaujolais with a burger. Baseball-T enthusiast that can totally absolutely play baseball. Steals spoons from restaurants he's worked at.  Would rather be a jack of all trades than a master of like four or five. Probably doesn't know when to stop making jokes. Thinks John Locke from Lost "makes a real good point". 



Is down for a Michelin-starred dinner one night and street meat the next. Has spent most of her adult life living abroad. Is paid to write words for a living. Always has a bottle of bubbles ready in the fridge. Always.



Photographer, folksy wordsmith, low-key home cook, and overall "real good pal". Connoisseur of your grandpa's sweaters and every kind of jumpsuit. Subscriber to the outlandish, fast-talking, philosophies of Hawkeye Pierce and BJ Hunnicutt. Believes that true connection is best created over neat drinks, dim light, jokes, and new surroundings. Always ready to hang and devise adventurous schemes.

karen leann


Yogi, explorer, and mama, with equal and abundant passion for each pursuit. Compulsive eavesdropper and peacemaker. Still references The West Wing on a regular basis. Loves language, leaping, and every ocean she’s ever met. Give her a good hug and a cup of something warm and you’ve got a friend for life.

Fierce optimist, extrovert, and PNW-born adventurer with big dreams to see the world. Project Manager by day, Social Butterfly by night. Likely to be found solo with a book in hand, or amidst a large group of loudly laughing half-Filipino siblings. Lover of all types of music, food, big ideas, corny quotes, and snuggles (of course). True believer that life starts at the end of your comfort zone.





Has spent a lifetime chasing music. Various versions of Tyson have played violin, piano, trumpet, guitar, bass and drums, and most recently - Computer. A compulsive obsessor of things. Ruled by his two halves: The German fixator and Italian muse. Delayed gratification and the sweeping consumption of food, design, art. Believes one should not be limited to a genre of music, and selective listening, but rather - different occasions call for different tunes. Music provides the soundtrack to everything. It is an essential part of daily life and provides context for the different phases of day.



Lives with a menagerie of titles - buyer, illustrator, stylist, interior decorator, antique picker, story teller, (existentialist cat) and content generator. Obsessed with being the schemer behind surprises. Is flown around the world in search of beautiful things and inspiration and remains committed to breathing in new environments... processing that breath and then exhaling onto everything. A single song can be the impetus of an entire dinner party. Thinks loitering could use a dose of rebranding.

Loves to bake while listening to black metal. Strong pension for malapropisms. Dreams of being a professional water skier in an alternate life. Has a really bad good habit of taking spontaneous international trips. Chefs are the new rockstars and he hated the competition so he was forced to switch careers. Argues passionately that Thai boat noodle soup (beef broth, blood, noodles, cinnamon, lime, liver, tendon and tripe) is the greatest BREAKFAST on the planet.  More than a creatively fulfilling media, views food as a catalyst for lasting memories and relationships. Finds deep joy in facilitating that experience. Happiest when laying next to a campfire, lost somewhere deep in the Cascade mountains.


Only gives attention to the things that matter. Has three earth angels - her husband and her two dogs CoCoBears & Maggi. Thinks making people feel like family through enjoying a meal is engrained in her Filipino genetics. Wizard with a makeup brush.