Become an intrepid traveler...
without the stress of planning.

Turn your vacation time into a real experience that stays in your memory bank forever.

Moveable Feast Retreats are the trips we always wanted someone else to plan for us: unpretentious dives into a new place, the food of your dreams, and filling up a suitcase of wisdom, lifestyle tweaks, and memories to take home and unpack for years. Travel should improve your life long after you’ve returned home— but it too often feels like a frenzied rush through new tastes and sounds that you don't have enough time to truly understand.

Why bother traveling if it doesn't change us?
No more rushed tours of foreign cities in huge groups. No more backpacking along the fringes of a culture. This world can still be new-- we just have to look at it right. We’ve got the keys to the castle and a spot waiting for you. Hop in. 

Small groups. Curated voyages.
Deep travel dives that your 90 year old self will be smug about.

You’ll stay in dreamscape places that speak to their home turf (no cookie-cutter bland hotels). From 200 year old Mexican haciendas to 12th century castles in the French countryside, each location is carefully curated and unique to a location, so you truly feel at home in the country you’re visiting.

“We never would have found these places, or been able to stay there, on our own.”

“Your accommodations are the biggest draw.”

“The living situation always made me feel so safe and cared for.”

“It feels so luxurious and cool that you scout and plan these amazing places for us!”

Paying attention to your food and tasting the high/low offerings of every country you visit is the best way to meet a place. We love a 7 course feast one night and showing you secret street food faves the next. We want the local grandmas to say “oh yeah, they get what we have going on here.”

Always local. Always fresh. Always really damn good.

“I’m so sick of making stressful decisions all the time! I know I can just sit down and say ‘Feed me bomb food please, no questions asked."

“I love having a beautiful meal from a chef who tells a great story.”

*In our humble opinions

Dream venues.
dream locations.

The best food ever.*

We all know that France has wine and Mexico has tequila. But why stay surface level at the bar cart? Get an honorary degree in the local and national favorites at our daily happy hours, when we carefully pair and share the local liquors. 

People were distilling spirits and celebrating under the stars before they even bothered to invent the wheel (a tipsy friend once told us). In every country, we classily celebrate what thousands of years of human innovation has created.

A curated cocktail or two (or three).

cloister in our 16th century convent,
sicily 2018

poolside snacks at the castle, Provence 2016

We think these trips are dreamy, but don’t take our word for it!
Let our former Feasters tell you how every trip includes:

Every year, Feasters show up as strangers and leave as friends. These groups are open-hearted, never cliquey, and fling their arms open to the world and people around them. If you’re looking for a snobby, high-end trip that focuses more on impressing people than actually enjoying them, this isn’t the place for you. Our Feasters are the kind of people who wave at you across the lunchroom in elementary school and save you a seat at their table.

“We were nervous about who would be on our trip; what if they were scary weirdos? Would they be cliquey? But this group of strangers were incredible, like-minded spirits and we can’t imagine not knowing them now.”

“I never felt like I was intruding on anyone, everyone is so inclusive!”

“We still talk all the time.”

“The biggest thing we think Feasters have in common is an adventurous spirit, and willingness to meet likeminded people in distant locations.”

"The group was fantastic, and I was able to have alone time when I felt like I needed it (sans judgment).”

Those vacations you return from feeling lethargic and tired? This isn’t that. You’ll head home more centered, rejuvenated and present. Forget frantic gyms for a week and step back into moving your body thoughtfully and with gratitude at optional yoga classes (most venues also include a pool so you can swim laps or lounge with a floaty, your choice). Train your eye to be more attentive (and finally learn to use that camera you got for your birthday) at our photo lessons. Or skip them all to take a meandering walk through ancient streets.

“We loved the morning yoga option and the long walks, and we especially loved how both of them were optional in case we felt like being lazy back at the castle.”

“I never felt constrained to do anything or be anywhere, even though we had plenty of options. I found it so liberating to give up some activities to just do my thing." 

Expanding your circle with fellow Feasters who want to travel beautifully too.

Not needing a vacation from your hectic vacation.

This is your chance to wear those things waiting in your closet for the right occasion. Our White Dinner bash is a part of Feasters’ shopping plans for months ahead of time, and formal nights are for whatever your brand of formal is-- no dress code except “be as extra as the spirit moves you.” These are the New Roaring Twenties, after all…

“Thanks for always inspiring me to wear that thing I love but it’s too extra.”


The excuse you needed to wear that one thing.

Do the luxe thing. Do the humble thing. Just don't do the sterile thing.

Let us handle it. Death to wasted vacation days.

“These trips give me such a deeper understanding and perspective on the purpose and value of travel.”

The ability to take travel home with you.

white dinner,
lisbon 2022

last dinner at the onsen,
japan 2023

callie, looking fine,
lisbon 2022

visit to sculptor's studio
thailand 2019


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chiang mai 2019




Yucatan 2017