take better travel photos


At every Moveable Feast Retreat, we break down how to take better travel photos in short, informative, and friggin' fun sessions throughout the week. Whether you're a budding photographer who barely knows how to turn the camera on or an experienced shutterbug looking for a new challenge, our interactive workshops are designed to help see the details around us in a more thoughtful way. We'll get technical, we'll get theoretical, but mostly we'll level up your camera game while opening our eyes to the soul of new surroundings. 



Morning yoga sessions, long walks, swimming in the countryside not to mention lifting a wine glass. Let's leave the frantic gyms behind and step back into our bodies thoughtfully, replacing end-goals with focused breath and celebration. Those vacations you return from feeling lethargic and out of shape? This isn't that. Our goal is for every attendee to head home feeling more centered, more rejuvenated, and more present in their own skin.



We want to dive into the rhythms and way of life of places around the globe. There's innate wisdom in every country and in every village. Be it a unique way of brewing a morning cuppa, the softness of handmade textiles, or a way of unwinding as dusk settles in, we'll take plenty of time to experience and enjoy the ways our friends around the world shape their lives. Every place has so much to feast on.



We'll celebrate the local food and eating style, wherever we are. Our chef prepares inspired, fresh dishes each day and dinners will be carefully curated experiences. If you have strict dietary restrictions, contact us, as this may not be the feast for you. However, if local delicacies made fresh daily amuses your bouche, we're probably on the same page.



We promise you’ll sleep somewhere beautiful. We stay in places of the highest character, and whether that’s a castle or a rustic farmhouse, we’re only aiming for for best possible experience. We look for that "if these walls could talk..." feeling. We stay in the dreamiest places with lots of corners to talk with new friends, find a quiet moment alone, or look to a vast horizon.



People have been distilling spirits, fermenting juices, and celebrating under the stars together since before they were building fires and inventing wheels (a drunk friend once told us). In every country, we’ll celebrate what thousands of years of human innovation has created. In other words, we’ll classily consume whatever the local liquor may be.