We’re Tim and Laura Sullivan-- and we’re a lot like you. We love traveling (48 countries and counting!), and know how much time and energy it takes to truly dive into new places. That’s why we started Moveable Feast Retreats: to banish your travel confusion and lackluster vacations, bring you high/low insider experiences in the places you’ve only dreamed of, and create the bodacious memories your 90 year old self will love looking back on.

We have invested deeply in travel so you can be confident that when you show up to a place, you can meet it like a local. We met online when Tim was living the broke bon vivant life in France and Laura was living the backpacker dream in South America. After many typewritten letters, we finally connected in real life deep in the heart of Texas, falling in love over breakfast tacos. We got married in a little hacienda in Mexico and honeymooned for six months in ten countries. Now we spend our free time wandering far-flung destinations and narrowing down the best of the best for you-- so you can travel with the grace and wildness you dream of, even if you only have two weeks of vacation time. We’ve taken over 100 Feasters on dream vacations to three continents, and we’re expanding our options every year. 


We want you to...

Sleep in castles, haciendas, and historic venues that are unique to their region.

Eat the best things each latitude has to offer.

Explore hidden backstreets and hear stories you’d never hear at a sterile hotel.

Meet your fellow travelers on a deeper level.

Come home with new ideas about the good life.

Turn your vacation time into a real experience that stays in your memory bank forever.

Travel well. Live well. Let us make it easy on you.