moveable feast retreats meets the half hour intern.



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Ahh, the dulcet tones of the sound of your own voice… yikes.

Last autumn, as we were scoping out the Yucatan peninsula for this year’s Moveable Feast, we had the amazing good fortune of appearing on a podcast that is EXACTLY our cup of tequila. The Half Hour Intern (run by our insatiably curious hero Blake Fletcher) explores just how many ways there are to explore your passion and make this world a little more interesting in the process.

My favorite thing about podcasts is that you can’t tell that my chest turns red when I talk about myself, but talking with Blake about this little dream we dreamed felt like a conversation you’d have with your favorite friend from high school who is always super good at asking the right questions, making a well-timed dirty joke, and getting to the root of things. We loved him instantly.

Aaaand… forgot to share the final product, freaking heck! So here we are, talking about Moveable Feast Retreats a few days after we wrapped up our inaugural trip. Check it out, give Blake a follow, and dive into this big world with him because he’s a great guide.

Oh, and an addendum: a few days after we recorded, Blake emailed to say “where in Mexico did you say you were again? Want to meet up in Tulum the day after tomorrow?” And we were like, “hell yes we do” and spent a day drinking beer and laughing with him and his amazing wife Asta. I mean seriously, leaving your comfort zone to start new projects is scary as hell, but endlessly rewarding because I can’t imagine not knowing these people now. Thank you Blake! We love you boo.