Yucatan: Popup Dinner



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“Hospitality consists of a little fire, a little food, and an immense quiet.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Last time we were in Tulum, we overlapped with our friends Blake and Asta, had them over to our sparsely designed Airbnb and with no bottle-opener, jerry-rigged open a few cervezas and sat on the cement floor. We snacked on an grocery bag full of tortilla chips from the masa shop downstairs and traded stories about cocktail-fuzzied nights on the beach. Damn, after months on the road, it felt so good to have some friends over and just host for a second.

Now that we’re nestled back into Seattle, objective numero uno after buying a bed was the prep our house to host. Having folks over around a table, cultivating community, and fretting the small details make our hearts go aflutter. In honor of our October retreat, we turned our home into an homage to the Yucatàn. We had copal, a native resin to the peninsula burning outside to greet our guests. Grapefruit/cardamom/mezcal margaritas waited upstairs for them and soon after, a freshly squeezed carrot juice ceviche brought them to the table.

The always impeccably charming Chef Greg introduced all five courses including perfectly charred salmon with mayan sikil pak, slow roasted pork-ribs that fell right off the bone, and a burnt pineapple salsa alongside a tasting of wild-harvested mezcals. Afterward, bellies full and hearts content, we all leaned back and enjoyed a moment of sobremesa.

Sobremesa… Never take your last bite and run. Sobremesa is the art of the post-dinner conversation, taking time to digest the food, the evening, and this life alongside new found friends.

An immense thank you to everyone who joined us in our Yucatecan wonderland . Here’s to the next one.

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(No evening would be complete without artsy, mezcal-infused portraiture. Thanks to Tiffany for sitting in!)