oh shit. we’re doing it again.



travel well

live well

A brief history of Moveable Feast Retreats adventures:

2016: We escaped to the south of France, sabered champagne bottles off the balcony of a 12th century castle, feasted on classic French dishes (Chef Johnny style), wandered the beautiful little towns in Provence, and tried not to break the medieval armor suit sharing the castle with us.

MFRgoult (2 of 1)_seattle wedding.jpg
MFRgoult (2 of 5)_seattle wedding.jpg
MFRgoult (3 of 3)_seattle wedding.jpg
MFRgoult (1 of 5)_seattle wedding.jpg
MFRgoult (1 of 1)_seattle wedding.jpg
MFRgoult (5 of 5)_seattle wedding.jpg

2017: We headed south of the border to a remote, 200 year old Mexican hacienda in the Yucatan peninsula. Dove into deep underground cenotes, celebrated the Yucatan’s mix of Mexican, Mayan, and European influences, explored pink-tinted monasteries, and swam in multiple pools because YOLO. Oh, and we brought home the stray kitten who joined the group.

MFRmexico (1 of 1)_seattle wedding.jpg
MFRmexico (1 of 1)-2_seattle wedding.jpg
MFRmexico (1 of 1)-5_seattle wedding.jpg
MFRmexico (1 of 1)-3_seattle wedding.jpg

2018: We headed deep in the misty mountains of Sicily to stay in a 16th century abbey. We explored ruins from the crossroads of the ancient trading world, ate Johnny’s version of Grandma’s Sicilian cuisine (if Grandma were into high end plating and forcing you to wear all white), poked around the fishing towns on the Mediterranean coast, and drank too much Averna.

MFRsicily (2 of 3)_seattle wedding.jpg
MFRsicily (1 of 1)_seattle wedding.jpg
MFRsicily (1 of 1)-3_seattle wedding.jpg
MFRsicily (1 of 1)-2_seattle wedding.jpg
MFRsicily (1 of 2)_seattle wedding.jpg

2019: A whole new continent to share with you, Feasters. A carefully curated experience in a place we love so dearly, and might even top European castles. We’ll fill you in on Thursday (if you’re on the mailing list) or Friday (if you’re not). We can’t wait to fling our doors open to you for the fourth year in a row— see you in a week! Wanna be the first to know? Sign up for the mailing list below!