Ihsan: an Arabic word that means “to do beautiful things with excellence.” Ihsan means living into your highest and truest self, to reach for the highest standard of character and beauty. A virtue deeply embedded in the Moroccan ethos, and the cornerstone of everything we want to create. 

We’ll pursue Ihsan as we: journey through the ancient landscapes of the Saharan Desert and the modern art of Marrakech. Rest in the cool shade of olive trees and sip mint tea under the vast desert skies. Watch the sun rise in the stunning Atlas Mountains and hear the calls to prayer echoing through Fez. Smell the smoke from street-stall grills and taste the spices that cloud the air. Wander the bustling souks and soak in the steam of the hammam. Feel the cool tiles and the warm sun. Hear whispered prayers in ornate mosques and the echoing calls-to-prayer fill the city.

Moroccans do beautiful things, with excellence, as a way of life. We’ve curated this trip to include the widest variety possible of everything Morocco has to offer: ancient cities, iconic Saharan experiences, food of quality and simplicity, and a heartfelt devotion to hospitality and excellence. This Feast vibrates with deep intention and vast beauty. 



Your private driver will greet you at the airport and whisk you away to your hotel. 

Depending on arrival time, you may enjoy a tour of the Hassan II Mosque, the largest mosque in Africa and one of the most elaborate mosques in the world.



This morning we will stop for a look at the Hassan II mosque from the outside with time for pictures and to see just how large the building actually is. 

After that we will drive just 1 hour north to explore Rabat, one of the Imperial Cities, the home of Morocco’s King. 

Visit Kasbah Ouadayas with its beautiful inner garden and unmatched view of the Atlantic Ocean.

After your visit we will make our way east across the plains of the interior and on to the area of Meknes where we will stop for lunch and a tasting at one of the wineries in this region. A winery in a Muslim country? But of course, thanks to the French legacy following the Protectorate during WWII. 

Later you will visit the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis– a UNESCO World Heritage site known for being one of the most beautifully preserved Roman colonial towns, on the fringes of the empire. 



The Fes Medina is the largest and oldest medina in Africa. It’s been operating since the 9th century, and is one of the most well-preserved towns in the Arabic Muslim world. With over 9,000 streets, some of them as wise as your shoulders, you will wander the streets amongst fresh fruit, mounds of spices, and some of the best art and antiques in the entire country. Visit the King’s Palace, the legendary tanneries, and the world-class pottery village. 

You’ll have lunch in a traditional restaurant nestled in the heart of the medina and continue shopping, snacking, and marveling at the intensity of sights and sounds before heading back for a multi-course Fassia dinner with a local family. 



The morning will be a moving picture show as you make a stunning ascent into the Middle Atlas mountains. You’ll wind through lush forests, jagged rock faces, and historic Berber villages as you cross the Atlas mountains and descend towards the Sahara Desert. Halfway through the voyage, we’ll stop for lunch in Midelt, a town known for its fruit and its fossils before completing the trip at our kasbah in Erfoud. 



After a leisurely breakfast at the kasbah, you’ll explore the small desert towns of Erfoud and Rissani. In the afternoon, you’ll hop into a 4x4 for a drive across the barren landscape into the majestic and iconic Sahara sand dunes. 

You’ll then trek on camel-back to watch the sunset from the dunes where you can discover what total silence sounds like. You’ll return to camp to bed down in a deluxe Berber tent after a dinner in the camp. 


sahara desert

After breakfast in the camp, you’ll set out through the High Atlas Mountains on the way to Ouarzazate. 

Along the way, you’ll walk through the stunning Todra Gorges and travel through the picturesque Dades Valley. 

To reach Ouarzazate, you’ll travel along the Route of 1000 Kasbahs. This legendary route is home to kasbahs in various states of repair, a fascinating look at the history of Moroccan architecture as you travel through the remote backroads. Finally you’ll arrive in Skoura for dinner and a well-earned rest in your own oasis. 


Todra Gorges /  Ouarzazate

Traveling through Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, tucked away in the High Atlas Mountains, you’ll discover one of the jewels of Morocco. In typical Moroccan fashion, the true treasures must be discovered off the beaten path. It just so happens that this off-path location has also been used for more films than any other location in Morocco, including Gladiator and Lawrence of Arabia. 

After lunch you’ll head over the Atlas Mountains to Marrakech. In the evening, you’ll head out to Jemaa el-Fna, the famous center of the medina and one of the most alluring attractions in Morocco. The Jemaa el-Fna comes alive at night with local storytellers, entertainers and mouth-watering barbecue pits. A quiet cup of tea on the terrace of a local cafe will provide a spectacular aerial view of the bustling square.



After breakfast in the riad, you’ll explore the southern pearl of Morocco and discover the most stunning sites in Marrakech. You’ll wander through the Palace of the Bahia, the Saadian Tombs, and other surprise hidden treasures.

After breaking for lunch, you’ll visit the magnificent Koutoubia Mosque and the world famous Jemaa el-Fna. You’ll explore the souk and continue the shopping adventure you began in Fes before dinner at a surprise local restaurant.



Today you will have a day trip just a short distance outside of Marrakech to hike in the High Atlas Mountains. Enjoy the fresh mountain air in this national park that sits at the base of the highest peak in North Africa, Mt. Toubkal. Untouched by the modern world, aside from having internet of course, you can enjoy this stunning natural landscape and enjoy lunch prepared and hosted by a Berber family. Recently impacted by the earthquake of September 8, 2023, this region is the heart and soul of Morocco and this is sure to be one of the highlights of your visit. 


marrakech / day trip

This final day will be your chance to book one more hammam, shop for any last souvenirs, see any museums you still have on your mind, and enjoy a leisurely finale to your Morocco adventure. Tonight will be the White Dinner at a secret location in Marrakech!

DAY 10


After one last farewell breakfast, you’ll head to the airport (or your next location in Morocco).

DAY 11

parting is such sweet sorrow

the feast experience

(as told by former feasters)







"I absolutely loved the element of surprise you guys kept the whole week through. The need to know basis made things always feel exciting and fun. For example, cognac in the cave that then broke out into a dance party. Love love loved it. Also, the fact that there was so much story behind each meal, wine, cocktail, floral arrangement, etc was so fucking wonderful. It brought me to tears many times and I'll never forget it.

I loved arriving to that castle and seeing Laura greet me with tears in her eyes and champagne and a Chris (what an angel) pouring drinks. I mean, wtf was happening???? After a long train ride to arrive to something like that was beyond. So simple, so thoughtful, so impactful and a memory I will carry with me forever.

I would 1000% recommend Moveable Feast. Travel is something that has shaped my life and changed me in ways I could never have imagined. The people I have met, the lessons I have learned about myself, the dreams that have manifested due to putting myself in someone else's way of life. I am who I am today because of travel and so if someone asked me if MFR is worth it, I would say if you want your trip to be impactful, life changing, exciting, stress free and an opportunity to meet new people in a beautiful far away land, then yes. I mean, is the sky blue? Ok then."

-liz, provence 2021

"The Feast was one of the most important experiences of my life.

I prepared for the usual: I figured I’d show up, all tattooed, queer and polyamorous, and everyone there would find me annoying at best, but more likely (in my mind) insufferable and possibly even hate my character. I don’t think this way of myself, but I have often experienced a deep level of judgment simply because of certain parts of who I am. I’ve worked incredibly hard to be the person I am, to love others without reservation, to find a life worth living— and I’ve made peace with the fact that my worth cannot be seen by unwilling eyes. So I was prepared to make no friends, to be uncomfortable, and to just be myself anyway. Prepared, but dreading. I spoke with my therapist about it. I tried to lower my expectations and hopes for connection and community.

What actually happened was that I went out dancing with six other weirdos one night after our after-dinner cocktails; spent a day by the pool discussing relationships and travel and careers with a doctor, a lawyer, a tailor, an artist, and a yoga teacher; hiked up giant hills and staircases and trekked through castle dungeons with my 20 new friends; held a delicious baby for some grateful parents at the dinner table… I was just another person there. Because of course I was— I’m just some person. All the pieces of me showed up and danced with every other person’s full selves.

On the final night, Laura— one of the two founders of this incredible group— toasted each one of us. When she got to me, she said that simply by shining my own light so brightly, I empowered those around me to light themselves up, too. And that… broke me open. The same thing so many people have rejected in me, this whole group of strangers could see and embrace and even love. And Laura said it out loud (my favorite love language). I have to say, tears go well with champagne.

I can’t wait to be reunited with my friends both known and unknown. Forever grateful to be seen with such a loving gaze."

-callie, lisbon 2022

“The abbey was absolutely stunning and seeing the MFR team set up just outside with cocktails waiting and looking fabulous as always was the perfect start to the amazing week. It was really like the best start to a mix tape: start big and just keep going bigger! The introductions of local food and drink culture with almost every meal was perfect.

The biggest surprise came from the people though. If I were to try to write about all of my favorite experiences, I would just be writing a detailed log of the entire trip, but the people who gravitated to Tim and Laura that ended up on this trip were truly incredible. I feel enriched by the interactions with every single person we met.”

-ryan, sicily 2018

"As a solo traveler for the vast majority of my trips. I was worried about not having individual freedom and control over my trip, and how that might somehow result in a less fulfilling experience. Would the things I value in travel — culinary exploration, exposure to different cultures/settings, and enriching new social interactions, would those things be satisfied? 

Wow, all my doubts were alleviated when we arrived at the castle with drinks and oysters waiting for us. The core piece of all my enjoyment was the people and the company. You guys were able to attract an amazing group of people with a similar zest for life. No matter the activity, it was the people that made it a truly special experience. And so much of that credit goes to you guys for fostering these attitudes and being exemplars of what it means to be “the highest and coolest version of myself.”

I would never have been able to stay at a cool castle like this, nor would I have been able to feel as "at home" or comfortable in my travel abode.

The trip was amazing. It was a rough year leading up to the trip and I was in a bit of a funk. Tim’s unwavering warmth, openness, guidance, and infections positive attitude, Laura’s amazingly sweet, empathetic, and tender reflections of all of the Feasters. Those words left a mark. You both encourage us to cultivate those ideals and traits in ourselves and even further. This retreat was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits and re-invigorate me. It has helped me re-engage in self-growth towards the person I want to be. So thank you for that."

-peter, provence 2021

I was most hesitant re: meeting up with a bunch of strangers in another country (what if they are scary weirdos?!) and whether the price tag was worth it.//To quote Pride and Prejudice, YES, a thousand times yes! I arrived at a train station to be picked up by a group of attractive, hilarious, kindly souls who felt like old friends. Once we arrived a la chateau, I was greeted with the freshest damn oysters and crisp champers- I basically felt like I had been transported to the Provence of the 1920s- it was all very Woody Allen and Midnight in Paris. My soul nearly burst.

-katie, provence 2016

When such time, care, and love is put into something so intentionally, it shows. From drinks and meals, accommodation and activities, learning and playing, this retreat was a wonderfully curated blend of magic. Thank you.

I got spectacular accommodation that I didn't have to research, a perfect blend of planned activities and downtime, and the opportunity to meet like-minded people without having to go out on my own.

I have already been telling my friends they need to go on a Feast. I only tell people I really truth, though, don't worry. The time, care, and love put into EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of this trip was evident in our activities, meals, and environment. Moveable Feast allowed me to experience a place in a way I never have.

-rachel, sicily 2018


We first visited Morocco in 2017 and as we sipped tea in a tiny, smoky cafe somewhere deep in the Fez Medina, an old man near us was eating a piece of crispy bread filled with cheese. He saw me eyeing it, tore off half of it and leaned across the tables between us to share it with me.

A stranger I had never met, did not share a language with, and would never see again. He introduced me to my new snack obsession msemen— a Moroccan flatbread filled with laughing cow cheese— and he showed us an act of such spontaneous generosity that it felt like the most hospitable table of our lives. 

Later, we stood on a balcony at dusk in the Blue City Chefchaouen, letting the call to prayer wash over us as we gazed at a city so vivid it hardly felt real, tears running down our cheeks at the vast tenderness of this world. 

Morocco opened windows into our traveler souls that we didn’t know we had. And to execute the trip we knew we wanted to create, we interviewed at least ten different companies on the ground in Morocco. It wasn’t until we found Roaming Camels that we knew we could create the trip that was worthy of the Feasters. An Amazigh (Berber) guide from southeast Morocco, Mustapha brings to life the personal, local elements of Morocco that enchanted us from our very first day.

Founders of Moveable Feast Retreats


Moveable Feast Retreats

What’s Included:

Airport transfers within cities*
10 nights in 4/5 star local accommodations 
Local Guides
All in-country transportation
A friggin' Camel ride in the Sahara
Breakfast daily, most lunches and dinners 
Admission to sites visited on the tours

Airport transfers within cities*

10 nights in 4/5 star local accommodations 

Local guides

All in-country transportation

A friggin' camel ride in the Sahara

Breakfast daily, most lunches and dinners 

Admission to sites visited on the tours

Le Pricetag

February 28th - March 10th, 2024

(per person)

(per person)

Reserve your spot with a $2500 deposit down, with the remaining balance due January 15th.

Feasts frequently sell out within 48 hours– if this trip is calling your name… let’s go.

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Refund policy:

Because of the boutique, custom nature of each trip, we invest a lot into each traveler’s spot– but we also want to make Feasting as easy and risk-free as possible! We know that plans change: our flexible cancellation policy is below.

Deposit: trip deposits are non refundable, but they are transferable. You can pass your deposit on to another traveler to take your spot on a Feast, or use it for a future trip within one calendar year.

90+ days prior to a Feast: 75% of your payments will be refunded (minus credit card fees and deposit).
60+ days prior to a Feast: 50% of your payments will be refunded (minus credit card fees and deposit).
30+ days prior to a Feast: 25% of your payments will be refunded (minus credit card fees and deposit).
<30 days prior to a Feast: no refund will be provided

In the unlikely event of a cancellation from our side due to unforeseen circumstances (natural disasters, political instability, vendor cancellation, etc), we will send full or partial refunds commensurate with the uncompleted portions of the trip.

We strongly recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance to cover any circumstances that may lead to cancelation either prior to or during a trip.



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