Coming back to yourself.

“What amazes me about landscape — landscape recalls you into a mindful mode of stillness, solitude, and silence where you can truly receive time. In urban areas, it can be difficult to reach and sustain gentleness… A friend of mine, just in the last week, was absolutely exhausted in London, came away down southern England and spent a week by the slow ocean and she’s totally recovered, come back to herself.

It’s true that the dawn goes up and the twilight comes even in the most roughest inner-city place. But connecting to the elemental can be a way of coming into rhythm with the universe.”

– John O’Donahue

My wife, like me, speaks the love language of plane tickets and road trips. For my birthday last week, she put me in the car and let Seattle fade in the rear view mirror, setting our GPS to the rainforests of the Olympic peninsula. Watching the sunset fall below the misty mountains, I re-found the part of myself we so often lose in the city.

From the tallest spruces to the tiniest forest floor mushrooms….

From the deafening waterfalls to the quiet trails…

… There’s so much beauty in this world. I want to drink up as much as I can.

Of course, we’re inviting you to join us around the candlelit table in our abbey tucked into the forests of Sicily, but more than that, we’re inviting you back to the deeper parts of yourself.

There are three days left to get in on our pre-sale pricing so unlike the forest trails, no dawdling, per favore.


And hey, thanks for reading.