The NYTimes had an article a few weeks ago about how beauty is making scientists rethink evolution. It started with a story of the male bowerbird, a bird of paradise-like little guy whose plumage has an incandescent beauty that I’m sure David Attenborough dreams about. The bowerbird’s mating ritual involves creating an elaborate stage area […]

The current heatwave in Japan has officially been declared a natural disaster. UK citizens have been issued warnings encouraging them to stay in their homes and out of the heat. Germany has a shortage on beer bottles as the summer blaze this year has dramatically increased demand. Here in Seattle, our pets are splayed frog legged […]

When Laura and I were sweating out the mid-summer heat in SE Asia, dreaming up what was to become Moveable Feast Retreats and pounding more iced americanos than I care to count, one of the founding principles of our budding heart project was that every country and culture has its own innate wisdom on how […]

Whenever I arrive in a new place, I make a point to figure out where the water is. Growing up in Chicago, I loved knowing that Lake Michigan was a short el train away. Whenever life got too chaotic, I’d be at the water’s edge as quickly as I could. Water resets us, brings us back […]

Years back, I worked at a yoga studio that brought on a team to help with social media. Their Facebook feed was quickly populated with inspirational quotes like “If you can dream it, you can do it!” They’d always have some photo of a forest or a mountain or an equally idyllic scene. Case in […]

“We’re all just walking each other home.” -Ram Dass Saturday night’s Orlando attacks are the stuff of nightmares. A vulnerable community, attacked in the very space they were meant to feel safe. It tears at our very vision of society to know that things like this are possible. It is no easy thing to talk […]

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