You know those dinners that end so slowly you can barely tell the difference between mealtime and the relaxed hangouts that happen for the rest of the night? The stretching on and on of conversations both serious and trivial, the quiet warmth of being safe amongst people who left their phones somewhere in another faraway […]

“He was born in the summer of his 27th year Coming home to a place he’d never been before…” – John Denver — “Rocky Mountain High”   John Denver was the soundtrack to my parents’ early love. They fell in love to his tenor voice and dulcet guitar strums at outdoor concerts and as city […]

Hidden cenotes, slow-roasted pibil tacos, papal picado, local coffee, margaritas like whoa in the open air, 16th century Spanish colonial architecture, and the road to what’s next. Here’s 24 hours in the Yucatán in 33 seconds. Join us this October for all this and so much more. Pass the ceviche, mi amigo.

Valladolid: you magical Mayan love, you. Places this cool and undiscovered rarely stay this cool and undiscovered for long. Tucked away inland with no beaches in site, Valladolid sits as a stronghold of Mayan culture and Yucatecan delights. It’s a place where you have everything: street tacos, live music, sun bleached pastel homes, cobblestones, mamacitas […]

“I will beat you up so bad if anything ever happens to you,” Laura says to me after I cross four lanes of traffic against the light to come give her a kiss. “You expect me to wait for these yahoos? I had a lady to get to,” I say. —- These past two weeks, […]

Last Sunday, we went to a house warming party of our dear friend and MFer Gaylin. Her new home is an architectural marvel perched on a hill overlooking mountains on all sides. On sunny spring days like today, with all the mountain ranges visible, all I want to do is sit out on her balcony and […]

There’s a short story by Sherman Alexie where the main character has a terrible accident and the next morning, wakes up and the woman he loves is cooking him breakfast as the kid is running around the kitchen. He sits and sips his coffee, watches the scene unfold and she fries up eggs over the […]

“Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep.” – Le Corbusier Often when we travel, the places that stick with us aren’t the grand or overwrought. The spaces that fill our imagination are edited, humble, and modest. When we […]

When I was a young child of 22-years-old, I used to think I loved margaritas — until I figured out that margaritas were just inefficient tequila delivery systems. I dropped the marg and went straight for the good stuff. Not everyone shares my penchant for sipping a cheapo blanco like it’s a fine scotch, so […]

When Laura and I were sweating out the mid-summer heat in SE Asia, dreaming up what was to become Moveable Feast Retreats and pounding more iced americanos than I care to count, one of the founding principles of our budding heart project was that every country and culture has its own innate wisdom on how […]

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