Last Sunday, we went to a house warming party of our dear friend and MFer Gaylin. Her new home is an architectural marvel perched on a hill overlooking mountains on all sides. On sunny spring days like today, with all the mountain ranges visible, all I want to do is sit out on her balcony and […]

There’s a short story by Sherman Alexie where the main character has a terrible accident and the next morning, wakes up and the woman he loves is cooking him breakfast as the kid is running around the kitchen. He sits and sips his coffee, watches the scene unfold and she fries up eggs over the […]

“Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep.” – Le Corbusier Often when we travel, the places that stick with us aren’t the grand or overwrought. The spaces that fill our imagination are edited, humble, and modest. When we […]

When I was a young child of 22-years-old, I used to think I loved margaritas — until I figured out that margaritas were just inefficient tequila delivery systems. I dropped the marg and went straight for the good stuff. Not everyone shares my penchant for sipping a cheapo blanco like it’s a fine scotch, so […]

When Laura and I were sweating out the mid-summer heat in SE Asia, dreaming up what was to become Moveable Feast Retreats and pounding more iced americanos than I care to count, one of the founding principles of our budding heart project was that every country and culture has its own innate wisdom on how […]

“Hospitality consists of a little fire, a little food, and an immense quiet.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Last time we were in Tulum, we overlapped with our friends Blake and Asta, had them over to our sparsely designed Airbnb and with no bottle-opener, jerry-rigged open a few cervezas and sat on the cement floor. We snacked […]

Whenever I arrive in a new place, I make a point to figure out where the water is. Growing up in Chicago, I loved knowing that Lake Michigan was a short el train away. Whenever life got too chaotic, I’d be at the water’s edge as quickly as I could. Water resets us, brings us back […]

“Anyone who can leave the Yucatán with indifference has never been an artist and will never be a scholar.” -Claude-Joseph Désiré Charnay, 1863 We were deep inland in the Yucatàn exploring the Spanish colonial streets of Mérida when we were ushered through a back alley, past an outdoor grill filled with smoking chili peppers, through a velvet […]

Ahh, the dulcet tones of the sound of your own voice… yikes. Last autumn, as we were scoping out the Yucatan peninsula for this year’s Moveable Feast, we had the amazing good fortune of appearing on a podcast that is EXACTLY our cup of tequila. The Half Hour Intern (run by our insatiably curious hero Blake Fletcher) […]

When we first dreamed up the idea for Moveable Feast, we KNEW that we had to launch in the south of France. Ah, the olive branches! The patina! The laid back and artistically vibrant history! And most importantly, the chocolate croissants. The hunt began for the right castle (that’s a normal thing to do on […]

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